Guiding principles of BD|SENSORS

Our Vision

BD|SENSORS is one of the most innovative and accomplished providers of electronic pressure measurement devices for industrial applications anywhere in the world.

This is not just a realistic self-appraisal; it also reflects the way the company is perceived by customers, suppliers and competitors.

The ability to come up with solutions, flexibility and competitiveness are qualities which do not apply to any other company within the „electronic pressure measurement technology sector“ better than they do to BD|SENSORS.

Concentrating on the electronic pressure measurement technology segment of the market always has been and still is the basis for continuous growth; this approach is highly profitable and involves an acceptable level of risk.

As an owner-managed, medium-sized company, BD|SENSORS is able to retain its long-term independence and ability to make its own decisions, thus ensuring that it is a reliable and predictable partner to its customers at all times.

Our mission

BD|SENSORS developes, produces and distributes components for electronic pressure measurement technology for industrial applications. In doing so, BD|SENSORS sets itself the challenge of delivering a solution which is technically suitable and affordable for any electronic pressure measurement technology task.

The basis for this is a product range of self-developed and produced

  • pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, hydrostatic level probes
  • electronic pressure switches, display and evaluation devices 

whose breadth and depth, and which in both technical and price terms, meets the needs of industrial pressure measurement technology.

The ability to come up with solutions for the customer is augmented by the willingness and capability to develop and deliver customer-specific devices, also small and medium batch sizes, quickly, flexibly and at low cost.

Our values

BD|SENSORS represents values leading to a fair partnership-based cooperation with mutual benefits.

BD|SENSORS places the customer at the centre of all its plans and entrepreneurial activities.We set ourselves the challenge every single day of offering the customer the best possible benefit.

BD|SENSORS relies on continuous growth, with strength of earnings being more important than simply increasing sales.

BD|SENSORS strives constantly to improve its business processes in order to increase efficiency within the organisation, minimise internal friction and ensure that employees do not have an excessive workload.

When it comes to selecting and managing employees, BD|SENSORS favours continuity in order to avoid a high level of staff turnover and to give employees long-term career prospects.We advocate creativity and independent action.

BD|SENSORS maintains a policy of open communication. Transparency and a policy of revealing all information are part of how we see ourselves as a company.

BD|SENSORS treats suppliers and other service providers as partners of equal standing.

BD|SENSORS has the aim but also the courage to be “different”.The way we present and perceive ourselves combines attributes such as future-oriented, innovative and discerning.

BD|SENSORS pursues a corporate policy which is geared towards sustainability.We favour a social market economy which promotes individual initiative and requires companies to be autonomous.

BD|SENSORS  seeks to combine economy, ecology and a commitment to social causes.We reject any ideologies which propagate one of these three aspects to the detriment of the others.

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