differential pressure transmitters

For differential pressure measurement
pressure ranges 0 ... 1 mbar up to 0 ... 70 bar

Thanks to different sensor technologies combined with compact aluminium die-cast cases or plastic housings, our differential pressure transmitters may be used for numerous fluids and gases, e. g. for monitoring ventilation ducts, filters and fans in HVAC areas as well as for level measurement in closed pressurized tanks.

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differential pressure transmitter DPT200

DPT 200

stainless steel sensor
process, oil and gas industry

  • differential pressurevon 1 mbar up to 20 bar
  • accuracy:0.075 % FSO
differential pressure transmitter DPT100

DPT 100

stainless steel sensor
test engineering, machine and plant engineering

  • differential pressurefrom10 mbar up to 20 bar
  • accuracy:0,1 % FSO
  • CEModbus RTU
differential pressure transmitter DMD331

DMD 331

stainless steel sensor
plant and mechanical engineering

  • differential pressure0 ... 20 mbar up to 0 ... 16 bar
  • accuracy:0.5 % FSO
  • CEEx
differential pressure transmitter DMD831

DMD 831

stainless steel sensor
plant and mechanical engineering

  • differential pressure0 ... 1 bar up to 0 ... 70 bar
  • accuracy:1 % FSO BSFL
  • CE
differential pressure transmitter DPS200

DPS 200

silicon sensor

  • differential pressure0 ... 6 mbar up to 0 ... 1.000 mbar
  • accuracy:1 % FSO
  • CEUL
differential pressure transmitter DPS300

DPS 300

silicon sensor
HVAC, medical

  • differential pressure0 ... 1,6 mbar up to 0 ... 1000 mbar
  • accuracy:0.5% FSO BFSL
  • CE

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