Food and beverage

Food and beverage

Hygiene is as essential in the manufacture of foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco as in the production of pharmaceutical products. This is true not only for the production facilities but also for machinery and plant and in the latter case especially sensors, probes and measuring technology. The design and materials BD|SENSORS uses for their pressure and fill level measuring instruments fully meet the demands made by these markets globally.

Designed for hygiene:

  • no blind pockets, cracks, edges
  • material surfaces with low roughness depths
  • pressure measuring instruments easy to fit or remove
  • flush coupling components
  • may be cleaned and steam sterilized in installed condition (CIP, SIP)

Foodstuffs compliant materials:

  • stainless steel 1.4404 / 1.4435, Tantalum, Hastelloy
  • surfaces polished extra smooth on request
  • ultrapure pure ceramics (AL203 99.9%), polished
  • elastomeric seals made of EPDM, FKM, etc.

Hygiene standards / certifications:

Characteristics / Special features:

  • nominal pressures from 0 – 100 mbar to 40 bar, vacuum range,
  • also symmetrical in measuring range ± 50 to ± 500 mbar
  • hygienic process connections, e.g. Tri-Clamp, milk pipe screwed connection DIN 11864, Neumo-Connect, Varivent etc.
  • intrinsically safe Ex type to ATEX, or IEC-Ex
  • foodstuffs compliant transfer fluids
  • various analog and digital output signals
  • process transmitter adjustable via HART communication
  • Protection classes IP65 to IP69K
process pressure transmitter with ball housing and LCD display

x|act ci

ceramic sensor (flush)
hygienical application

  • nominal pressure:0 ... 160 mbar up to 0 ... 20 bar
  • accuracy:0.1 % FSO
[Translate to englisch:] Präzisions-Druckmessumformer; Signalverarbeitung des Sensorsignals mittels Digitalelektronik; vakuumfest

DMP 331 Pi

stainless steel sensor (flush)
hygienic applications

  • nominal pressure:0 ... 400 mbar to 0 ... 40 bar
  • accuracy:0.1 % FSO
pressure transmitter DMK331

DMK 331P

stainless steel sensor (flush)
hygienical application

  • nominal pressure:0 ... 60 bar up to 0 ... 400 bar
  • accuracy:0.5 % FSO
[Translate to englisch:] Druckmessumformer für die Prozessindustrie; hygienegerechte Ausführung; Prozessanschlüsse G 1/2", Milchrohr, Clamp etc.

DMK 351P

ceramic sensor (flush)
hygienical application

  • nominal pressure:0 ... 40 mbar up to 0 ... 20 bar
  • accuracy:0.35 % (opt. 0.25 %) FSO
  • CEExUL
digital gauge Baroli05


stainless steel sensor (flush)
hygienic applications

  • nominal pressure:0 ... 60 bar up to 0 ... 400 bar
  • accuracy:0.25 % FSO BFSL (class 0.2)
  • CE
level probe LMK387

LMK 387

ceramic sensor (flush)
Stainless Steel Probe 22 mm

  • nominal pressure:from 0 ... 1 mH2O up to 0 ... 100 mH2O
  • accuracy:0.35 % (opt. 0.25 %) FSO

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