sensor technologies

The requirements of the job for pressure and level measuring devices are multifarious and, in addition to intelligent design solutions, require most of all appropriate sensor technology. BD|SENSORS is one of the few companies worldwide using four elements of modern pressure measurement, offering transmitters produced by BD|SENSORS itself or by partner companies with BD|SENSORS's know-how.

stainless steel silicon sensor

type DSP 210  without media isolation Ø = 18 mm

pressure range:     20 mbar to 7 bar
application:            gases, compressed air, liquids and non-aggressive

type DSP 410 / DSP 411 / DSP 412 
with stainless steel diaphragm Ø = 18 mm

pressure range:     100 mbar to 400 bar
application:             gaseous and liquid media compatible
                                   with stainless steel

type DSP 421   
with stainless steel diaphragm Ø = 15,8 mm

pressure range:     400 mbar to 40 bar
application:             for submersible probes Ø 17 mm as soon as
                                   for pressure transmitter G 1/2" flush

ceramic thick film sensor

type DSK 511 with flush diaphragm Ø = 18 mm

pressure range:     0,5 bar to 600 bar
application:             for aggressive media and oxygen; with flush
                                  diaphragm, preferred for materials with
                                  high viscosity or contaminated media

type DSK 516 with flush diaphragm  Ø = 15 mm

pressure range:     0,5 bar bis 50 bar
application:             for submersible probes Ø 17 mm as soon as for
                                   pressure transmitter G 1/2" flush                     

type DSK 611 with monolithic design  Ø = 18 mm

pressure range:      2 bar to 400 bar
application:              for OEM products with excellent price /
                                    performance ratio

stainless steel sensor

Edelstahlsensoren mit Dehnungsmessstreifen

type microfused

pressure ranges:     3,5 bar to 700 bar
application:     hydraulic and oxygen applications

type thinfilm-sensor

pressure ranges:     60 bar to 2.200 bar
application:    hydraulic applications

type strain gauge

pressure ranges:    1000 bar to 6.000 bar
application:     hydraulic applications, high dynamic pressure


capacitive ceramic sensor

Keramik-Drucksensoren, kapazitives Messprinzip

type DSK 701  Ø = 32.4 mm

pressure ranges:   60 mbar to 20 bar

type DSK 720 M     Ø = 18 mm 

pressure ranges:   100 mbar to 50 bar

application:   referred for hydrostatic level measurement as screw-in transmitter or submersible probes, a.o. for aggressive media (acids, lyes, etc.)