BD|SENSORS employees are collecting for Ukrainian refugees arriving in neighbouring Cheb (CZ)

Over the past few days, approximately 100 people fleeing from the war in Ukraine have arrived into neighbouring Czech Republic, or more precisely, the city of Cheb (Eger). Many of these are mothers and children. They are being looked after locally by the charitable organisation “Nádech” which has been supporting single mothers for years. The refugees are given a roof over their heads and essentials such as clothing and even food.
A private initiative has been put together from the towns of Thierstein and Marktredwitz. It is collecting aid supplies and transporting them over the border by truck to “Nádech” to help the people arriving in Cheb. A lot can be achieved when we work together, so the employees of BD|SENSORS and the Denndörfer family didn’t hesitate in collecting many essential items over three days. All items were sorted on Monday by the two caretakers and transported to the central collection point. This included many warm items and toiletries. One of the organisers said they also required durable foodstuffs and were including them in this humanitarian transport.

BD|SENSORS is happy to provide contact details of the collection point in Germany to those who would like to help. They are also looking for people who speak Russian to act as interpreters.

The “Nádech” organisation can be contacted as follows::

Please help to reduce the suffering of the Ukrainian people in whatever way you can!


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