Electronic pressure measurement technology from BD|SENSORS

The variety of our products for pressure measurement is unique.
We have an exceptionally large range of standard and special products for the market. Based on the versatility offered by combining different enclosure materials with different sensor technologies.
Our strength, however, lies in our ability to perform even where no standards exist. BD|SENSORS will provide answers where individual solutions are in demand, even for small series production runs. This cost-effective solution will be implemented fast and flexibly and with technical competency.

This is the guarantee we offer our customers!
Convince yourself!

Your benefits at a glance.

  • wide assortment of pressure measurement technology
  • suitable for measurements from 0 ... 10 mbar up to 0 ... 6.000 bar
  • measurement of absolut~, relative and differential pressure
  • modular designed products that are availabe with different materials, connections and pressure sensor technologies
  • industrial compliant design with essential approvals
  • versatile usability
  • customized engineering

OVERVIEW - product range pressure measurement technology

Electronic pressure measurement technology

Our pressure measurement technology portfolio includes various types of measuring instruments. These instruments will measure and display physical pressures in a medium – in our case gases and fluids.

The products in our family of pressure measuring instruments cover a nominal range of pressures from 1 mbar to 10 000 bar, measured as relative pressure in most applications. Many of the products are also available to measure absolute pressure, i.e. vacuum versions.

We boast five different sensor technologies which, combined with various materials used for enclosures, connections and seals, will offer pressure measurement solutions tailored to suit your specific application.

Brochure pressure measurement technology

Our brochures for pressure measurement technology are availabel in English and German. They show the technical information and ordering code of each product.


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