submersible probe LMK 858

LMK 858

ceramic sensor
separable plastic submersible probe Ø 45

The separable plastic submersible probe LMK 858 is designed for level measurement in most aggressive media. Usage in more viscous media as for example sludge is possible because of the semi-flush diaphragm.

In order to facilitate stock-keeping and maintenance the transmitter head is plugged to the cable assembly with a connector and can be changed easily.


  • nominal pressure: 0 ... 40 cmH2O up to 0 ... 100 mH2O
  • accuracy: 0.25 % / 0.35 % FSO
  • diameter 45 mm
  • cable and sensor section separable
  • chemical resistance
  • housing PVC

Optional Features

  • cable protection via PVC pipe
  • diaphragm pure ceramic (99,9 % AI2O3)
  • different kinds of cables
  • different kinds of elastomeres

Areas of application

  • chemical industry
  • environmental industry


  • sewage water, sludge
  • aggressive media

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