More flexible and wider uses – improved DS350 pressure switch

With the DS 350 BD|SENSORS is marketing an advanced IO-Link pressure switch whose numerous functions mean it can be configured even more individually to suit the particular conditions. In its basic version, it is already suited to a wide range of applications.

Expanded functionality with proven quality – these core characteristics describe the essence of the redesigned DS 350 pressure switch from BD|SENSORS. The product has undergone a comprehensive overhaul which allows users, thanks to a wider range of adjustment options, to configure the device to suit their own individual requirements. In addition to recording the pressure, more information about the prevailing process situation can be read. This means that the electronic pressure switch provides extraordinary process reliability and also delivers an extensive database for predictive maintenance.

The switchability of the signal output marks a key aspect of flexibility. In practice, users are often confronted with a change to the measurement requirement. For example, a vessel that has emptied over the weekend causes a machine shutdown in a plant. In this situation, it is advisable to switch the measurement from displaying the limit level to recording the continuous fill level with a range forecast. Although the plant control system needs to be reconfigured, with the DS 350 the sensor technology remains the same. It is prepared for both applications because, thanks to its universal signal output (PNP/NPN, 4 … 20 mA / 0 … 10 V), it can easily be adjusted digitally via an IO-Link or manually by means of the integrated LED display.

Other additional features are a counter for operating hours and for positive and negative pressures. The information which is obtained is used as the basis for predictive maintenance and to protect other components integrated in the application. An example: in a fairly large residential complex the behaviour of the people who live in it creates different pressure ratios in the water supply. The integrated counter documents the number of positive and negative pressure events and thus supplies valuable information for example about the loads placed on pumps or valves. Another function that is helpful in this context is the integrated temperature measurement which provides information about the prevailing temperature and can be accessed by means of an IO-Link.
In addition there are also the proven features of the previous model which ensure that the pressure switch can easily be integrated into the existing application. For example, the infinitely rotatable display and various mechanical connections of customary industry standards.

The DS 350 is part of a product family which, as well as the model described, is also available in other versions. The DS 351 is a version which has a robust ceramic sensor and is suitable for demanding processes involving aggressive media. In the DS 350 P version, the pressure switch is available with various process connections and is targeted at applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


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