BD|SENSORS is paying its employees an inflation-adjusted bonus amounting to €3,000 gross for net

In difficult economic times in particular, it’s important to set an example and to provide employees with generous financial support within the legally sanctioned means.

Immediately after it was announced in the media that the Federal Republic is planning to allow companies to pay out an inflationary adjustment tax free to employees amounting to €3,000, the management of BD|SENSORS (CEO Rainer Denndörfer/Managing Director Stefan Denndörfer) unanimously decided to put this into practice.

The inflationary adjustment for full-time employees will be paid out in 15 equal monthly instalments of €200 each in the period between October 2022 and December 2023. Part-time employees will receive a reduced payment relative to the number of hours worked, but here too, the amounts have been generously rounded up. Even our apprentices will receive an inflationary adjustment of 50%, that is, €100 net, also between October 2022 and December 2023.

Once again, BD|SENSORS is showing how important its employees are to the owners and management, how highly they are valued and, above all, that the stable company BD|SENSORS always generously supports its employees.

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