BD|SENSORS e-mobility station – official inauguration of the charging station for electric vehicles

Pressure measurement technology manufacturer BD|SENSORS is showing its ecological foresight by making a six-figure investment, and is officially inaugurating its e-mobility charging station for electric vehicles.

As increasing numbers of electric vehicles are being registered and the charging network is expanding, e-mobility is making steady progress, and has also had a presence at BD|SENSORS for quite some time. The company management has proved its foresightedness and installed the first charging stations for electric cars in 2022.

These are available to employees with company cars, since deserving BD|SENSORS GmbH employees have been able to lease a company car for several years, and have been making extensive use of this benefit. The charging station allows employees to charge their vehicles with electricity free of charge during working hours.

In the summer of 2023, the station was extended to a total of four columns with 8 charging points, and now has solid roofing which protects the vehicles from the weather and acts as a basis for a PV system. In other words, most of the electricity that is supplied is generated using solar energy, since the PV system produces around 120-140 kWh of electricity per day under optimal conditions. The total investment here amounted to 6 figures!

The charging station was inaugurated by the management of BD|SENSORS GmbH at a ceremonial event on September 12th, 2023.
Another step has therefore been taken towards increasing the work-drive balance.

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