4 arguments for BD|SENSORS


Since 1994, we have been developing and producing customized industrial pressure transmittes for ranges from
0.1 mbar up to 6000 bar:

pressure transmitters, electronic pressure switches, hydrostatic level probes, OEM and high-end products, standard products, customer-specific products

State-of-the-art pressure transmitters, which meet all your technical and functional requirements - German top-of-the-line technology at a very attractive price.


The concentation on electronic pressure transmitters has led to an extraordinary efficiency and economical pricing.

BD|SENSORS is certain to be one of the most economical suppliers on the world market, given equal technical and commercial conditions.


Short delivery times and firm dead-lines, even to special designs, make BD|SENSORS a reliable partner.

BD|SENSORS reduces thus your stock-keeping and improves your economical added value. 


We solve your tasks in industrial pressure measurement quickly and economically, not only for large-scale production lines, but also for small requirements.

BD|SENSORS is especially flexible when technical support and quick assistance are required, for service cases as well as for rush orders.