CEModbus RTU
Füllstandssonde DCL551
Füllstandssonde DCL551

DCL 551

ceramic sensor
with RS485 Modbus RTU

The stainless steel level probe DCL 551 has been designed for hydrostatic level measurement in sewage as well as for viscous and pasty media. Basic element is a robust and high overpressure capable capacitive ceramic sensor.

The level probe with RS485 interface uses the communication protocol Modbus RTU which has found the way in industrial communication as an open protocol. The Modbus protocol is based on a master slave architecture with which up to 247 slaves can be questioned by a master – the data are transferred in binary form.


  • nominal pressure: 0 ... 40 cmH2O up to 0 ... 200 mH2O
  • accuracy: 0.35 % (opt. 0.25 %) FSO
  • output signal: RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol
  • diameter 39,5 mm
  • excellent long-term stability
  • especially for sewage, viscous and pasty media

Optional Features

  • diaphragm ceramics Al2O3 99,9%


  • sewage water, sludge sewage water, sludge
  • fuels and oils fuels and oils
  • viscous and pasty media viscous and pasty media

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