Klemmengehäuse KL2

KL 2

terminal box plastics

The terminal box KL 2 is intended for the professional electrical connection of submersible level transmitters. Thus, it is a cost-effective
alternative to our well proven aluminium terminal box KL 1.

A pressure balance item is responsible for the compensation of atmospheric pressure variations. On the supply side a cable without ventilation tube can be used.

Vertical terminal clamps enable easy connection of cables inside the case.

The KL 2 with optional overvoltage protection is additionally equipped with surge arresters with a nominal discharge current of 10 kA.

As a further option the KL 2 is available with a HART® connection. 


  • cost-saving ABS case
  • for connecting 2-wire submersible transmitters
  • integrated pressure balance item
  • 2 signal lines

Optional Features

  • overvoltage protection
  • HART® connection
  • version for two independent 2 wire circuits

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