precision pressure transmitter XMD


stainless steel sensor
process, oil and gas industry

The differential pressure transmitter XMD has been especially designed for the process industry and can be used for level measurement of closed, pressurized tanks, pump or filter controlling, etc.

Another attribute is the possibility to switch the output signal from linear to square root extraction by what the flow rate of the medium can be issued.


  • nominal pressure: 0 ... 75 mbar up to 0 ... 20 bar
  • explosion protection: intrinsic safety (ia)
  • output signal: linear or square root extraction
  • HART®-communication
  • two chamber aluminium die cast case or stainless field housing
  • turn-down 1:10
  • static overpressure 130 bar
  • stainless steel diaphragm 1.4401
  • accuracy: 0.1 % FSO
  • high overpressure capability

Optional Features

  • explosion protection
    flameproof equipment (d)
  • SIL2 - version
    according to IEC 61508 / IEC 61511 
  • with integrated display and operating module

Areas of application

  • mechanical and plant engineering
  • chemical industry
  • energy industry
  • HVAC
  • food and beverage
  • oil and gas industry
  • packaging and paper industry


  • fuels and oils
  • water

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