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Catalogue Pressure Transmitter

78 DMP 457 Shipbuilding and Offshore Technical Data Miscellaneous Current consumption max. 25 mA Weight approx. 140 g (with ISO 4400) Installation position any 4 Operational life > 100 x 106 pressure cycles CE-confomity EMC Directive: 2004/108/EC Pressure Equipment Directive: 97/23/EC (module A) 5 ATEX Directive 94/9/EC 4 Pressure transmitters are calibrated in a vertical position with the pressure connection down. If this position is changed on installation there can be slight deviations in the zero point for pressure ranges PN ≤ 1 bar. 5 This directive is only valid for devices with maximum permissible overpressure > 200 bar Wiring diagram 2-wire-system (current) Pin configuration Electrical connection ISO 4400 field housing cable colours (DIN 47100) Supply + Supply – 1 2 IN + IN – wh (white) bn (brown) Shield ground pin ye/gn (yellow / green) Electrical connections 6 (dimensions in mm) ISO 4400 cable outlet universal field housing submersible version (IP 68) 8 (IP 65) cable with air tube 7, 8 (IP 68) (IP 67) 6 Generally shielded cable has to be used! Cable versions are delivered with shielded cable. For ISO 4400 the use of shielded cable is compulsory. 7 tested at 4 bar or 40 mH2O for 24 hours 8 different cable types and lengths available,permissible temperature depends on kind of cable, see cable connection M20x1,5 (for cable-∅ 5 up to 14 mm) DMP 457 Technical Data