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Catalogue Pressure Switch

18 DS 200 Electronic Pressure Switch Technical Data Mechanical connections (dimensions in mm) standard optionally G1/2" EN 837 G1/4" DIN 3852 G1/4" EN 837 G1/2" DIN 3852 1/2" NPT 1/4" NPT  for nominal pressure PN > 400 bar increases the length of devices without IS-version by 19 mm and of devices with IS-version by 39 mm optionally for PN from 0.1 up to 40 bar G1/2" flush G3/4" flush DIN 3852 DIN 3852 (absolute pressure on request)  metric threads and other versions on request Thisdatasheetcontainsproductspecification,propertiesarenotguaranteed.Subjecttochangewithoutnotice.       DS200_E_311012 This price list contains product specifications; properties are not guaranteed. Subject to change without notice. DS 200 Technical Data