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Catalogue Level EN_2016-01

9 LMP 308i Separable Stainless Steel Probe Precision Stainless Steel Sensor accuracy according to IEC 60770: 0.1 % FSO Nominal pressure from 0 ... 4 mH2O up to 0 ... 200 mH2O Output signals 2-wire: 4 ... 20 mA 3-wire: 0 ... 10 V others on request Special characteristics ► diameter 35 mm ► cable and sensor section separable ► excellent accuracy ► communication connection ► thermal error in compensated range -20 ... 70 °C: 0.2 % FSO TC 0.02 % FSO / 10K ► Turn-Down 1:10 Optional versions ► IS-version zone 0 ► cable protection via corrugated pipe ► mounting accessories as cable gland and terminal clamp in stainless steel ► different kinds of cables ► different kinds of seal materials The separable precision stainless steel probe LMP 308i is designed for continuous fill level and level measurement of water and liquid mediums. The signal processing of sensor signal is done by digital electronics with 16-bit analog digital conver- ter. Consequently it is possible to conduct an ac- tive compensation of sensor intrinsic deviations from normal condions like nonlinearity and thermal error. In order to facilitate stock-keeping and mainten- ance the transmitter body is plugged to the cable assembly with a connector and can be changed easily. Preferred areas of use are Water / filtrated Sewage ground water level measurement level measurement in wells and open waters / rain spillway basin level measurement in container water treatment plants water recycling PROBES

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