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Catalogue Level EN_2016-01

83LMK 809 Technical Data LMK 809 Plastic Probe Technical Data Dimensions (in mm) standard option prepared for mounting with pipe R1" Accessories Terminal clamp Technical Data Suitable for all probes with cable ∅ 5.5 ... 10.5 mm Material standard: steel, zinc plated optionally: stainless steel 1.4301 (304) Weight approx. 160 g Ordering type Ordering code Terminal clamp, steel, zinc plated Z100528 Terminal clamp, stainless steel 1.4301 (304) Z100527 ©2014BD|SENSORSGmbH–Thespecificationsgiveninthisdocumentrepresentthestateofengineeringatthetimeofpublishing.Wereservetherighttomakemodificationstothespecificationsandmaterials. This document contains product specifications; properties are not guaranteed. Subject to change without notice.

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