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Catalogue Level EN_2016-01

21 PROBES BD SENSORS GmbH BD-Sensors-Straße 1 Tel: +49 (0) 92 35 / 98 11- 0 LMK 358H Separable Stainless Steel Probe with HART® -communication Ceramic Sensor accuracy according to IEC 60770: 0.1 % FSO Nominal pressure from 0 ... 60 cmH2O up to 0 ... 100 mH2O Output signals 2-wire: 4 ... 20 mA others on request Special characteristics ► diameter 39.5 mm ► cable and sensor section separable ► HART ® communication (setting of offset, span and damping) ► permissible temperatures up to 85 °C ► high long-term stability Optional versions ► IS-version zone 0 ► cable protection via corrugated pipe ► diaphragm 99.9 % AI2O3 The separable stainless steel probe LMK 358H has been designed for level measurement in waste water, waste and higher viscosity media. Basic element is a capacitive ceramic sensor. In order to facilitate stock-keeping and mainte- nance the transmitter head is plugged to the ca- ble assembly with a connector and can be changed easily. Preferred areas of use are Water ground water level measurement rain spillway basin Sewage waste water treatment water recycling Fuel / Oil level monitoring in open tanks with low filling heights fuel storage tank farms biogas plants BD-Sensors-Straße 1 Tel: +49 (0) 9235 / 9811- 0

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