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Catalogue Level EN_2016-01

19 LMK 458H Hydrostatic Probe Technical Data IS-protection Approval DX15A-LMK 458H IBExU 10 ATEX 1186 X zone 0 5 : II 1G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga zone 20: II 1D Ex ia IIIC T85 °C Da Safety technical maximum values Ui = 28 V, Ii = 93 mA, Pi = 660 mW, Ci = 94,6 nF; Li = 0 µH; the supply connections have an inner capacity of max. 110 nF opposite the enclosure Permissible temperatures for environment in zone 0: -20 ... 60 °C with patm 0.8 bar up to 1.1 bar zone 1 and higher: -25 ... 70 °C Connecting cables (by factory) cable capacity: signal line/shield as well as signal line/signal line: 160 pF/m cable inductance: signal line/shield as well as signal line/signal line: 1 µH/m 5 for optional stainless steel pipe the following designation is valid: "II 1G Ex ia IIC T4" (zone 0) Wiring diagrams Pin configuration 2-wire-system (current) HART® Electrical connection cable colours (IEC 60575) Supply VS+ Supply VS– wh (white) bn (brown) Shield gnye (green-yellow) Dimensions (in mm) probe version stainless steel / CuNiFe prepared for mounting with stainless steel pipe HART ® is a registered trade mark of HART Communication Foundation; Windows ® is a registered trade mark of Microsoft Corporation Dimensions (in mm) screw-in version flange version stainless steel / CuNiFe stainless steel / CuNiFe p supply + supply – VS I LMK 458 H Technical Data This document contains product specifications; properties are not guaranteed. Subject to change without notice. zone 05

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