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Catalogue Level EN_2016-01

106 KL 1 Terminal Box Technical Data General specifications Number of signal lines 2-wire (4 ... 20 mA) Housing aluminium die cast case, grey powder-coating Ingress protection IP 66 Cable entries cable gland M16x1.5 Polyamide, seals NBR, IP 68, diameter range: standard 5 ... 10 mm others on request Atmospheric pressure compensation pressure balance item with PTFE filter Terminal clamps vertical clamps for stranded and solid wires up to 2.5 mm2 Weight approx. 550 g Optional overvoltage protection Series resistance 10 Ω for each wire Nominal discharge current 10 kA (8/20 µs) Max. rated current 30 mA Optional Pt 100 temperature sensor 1 Temperature range standard: 0 ... 70 °C option: Tmin ... Tmax can be in range from -40 °C up to 400 °C Connection temperature sensor 3-wire Output signal / Supply 2-wire: 4 … 20 mA / VS = 12 … 34 VDC Accuracy < 0.15 % Linearity < 0.1 % Thermal effects < 0.01 % / K 1 only necessary if the transmitter is equipped with a Pt 100 temperature sensor Wiring diagram Dimensions (in mm) The ground wires of all components have to be connected!VS * * The supply VS has to be chosen according to needs of the used transmitter. depth of housing: 58 mm ground 4 mm² Pt 100 transmitter (equipped only with Pt 100 version) cable gland M16x1.5 pressure balance item mounting hole equipped only with Pt 100 version GND VS−VS+ T− T− T+ GND VT+VT−VP+VP− pressure signal supply + supply – temp.-signal supply + supply – KL1_E_010613 ©2014BD|SENSORSGmbH–Thespecificationsgiveninthisdocumentrepresentthestateofengineeringatthetimeofpublishing.Wereservetherighttomakemodificationstothespecificationsandmaterials. KL 1 Technical Data This document contains product specifications; properties are not guaranteed. Subject to change without notice.

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