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Catalogue Displays

39 CIT 700 Multichannel Process Display Technical Data S8, S16 Describtion 8/16 solid state relay outputs (SSR) with PWM-function, each 8 outputs (one group) with separate supply(internal/external) Max. current Powered internally: 10mA, max. 50mA each group, powered externally: 100mA, max. 500mA each group Max. voltage Powered internally: >8V, powered externally: >Uext.-0,5V External supply 10...30V PWM-Period/-resolution 0,1...1600s / 0,1s PWM-Frequenzy/duty factor 5kHz (internally), 20µs (output quantization) / 0...100%, resolution 15bit R45, R81 Describtion 4 SPDT-relay outputs (SinglePoleDoubleThrow) 8 SPST- relay outputs (SinglePoleSingleThrow) Max. current/voltage 5A, cosφ =1 each output / 250VAC 1A, cosφ =1 each output / 250VAC Isolation strength >1kV for 60s >1kV for 60s IO2, IO4 Describtion 2/4 passive current outputs 4...20mA Output range/Resolution 3...22mA, 50mA-resettable fuse / 12bit Accuracy 0,1% @25°C Voltage dropout/ext. supply Max. 9V / 9...30V *Accuacy depends on selected measurement range, please check manual of device Supply Supply voltage standard: 85 … 260 VAC / VDC option: 19 … 50 VDC / 16 … 35 VAC Power consumption 15 VA, max. 20 VA Transmitter supply DC 24 VDC ± 5%, max. 200 mA (not possible for UN3) Communication / Performance Communication interface standard: RS-485 (Modbus RTU), Master / Slave USB Host (on rear panel / front side), USB device (service) option: 3 x RS-485/RS-232, Master / Slave 2 x USB Host, 1 x USB device, (service) 1 x Ethernet 10 Mbit/s (RJ45, Modbus TCP, Java Applets, Webserver) Type of protection Version without / With USB-port standard: IP 65 (front foil) IP40 (front USB) option: IP 54 (with lockable front) Permissible temperatures Operating temperature 0 … 60 °C Storage temperature -10 … 70 °C Electrical protection Electrical safety EN 61010-1 EMC EN 61326 Miscellaneous Display graphic TFT, 3.5", touchscreen, coloured (16 bit), 320 x 240 pixels Housing dimensions 96 x 96 x 100 mm Housing panel mounting Housing material NORYL-GFN2S E1 Extended functions Integrated date and time display Adjustable contrast and brightness of display, Screensaver Programmable upper / lower deviation messages, traffic lights function (change of the background colour) Read out numeric (number) / binary (text) Multi lingual menu navigation (EN, DE, FR, CZ, HU, RO, RU, PL, ES) Password protection Allocation of channels in 10 groups (max. 6 channels per group) Programmable display filter + scaling (linear / user defined) Extensive mathematical / logical functions User defined time / event driven profiles Acoustical signal 16 virtual relays Data and configuration transfer via USB stick / Ethernet CIT 700 Technical Data