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Catalogue Displays iNDEx DiSPLaYS 6-32 PULG-ON-DiSPLaY 6-8 FiELD DiSPLaY 9-11 PrOCESS DiSPLaY 12-29 mULtiCHaNNEL PrOCESS DiSPLaY 30-32 WitH DataLOGGEr 33-46 4 arGUmENtS 47 With 260 employees at 4 locations in Germany, the Czech republic, russia and China BD|SENSOrS has solutions from 0.1 mbar to 6000 bar: > pressure sensors, pressure transducers pressure transmitters > electronic pressure switches > pressure measuring devices with display and switching outputs > hydrostatic level probes two pressure transmitters and a submersible probe, based on a stainless steel silicon sensor were the beginning. today the range extends to more than 70 standard pro- ducts, from economical OEm devices to high-end products with Hart® communication or field bus interface. in addition we have developed hundreds of customer- specific applications, underlining the competence and fle- xibility of BD|SENSOrS. the excellent price/performance ratio of our products is proof of the fact that we are able to meet the toughest demand: Being a problem-solver for our customers. For large production batches as well as for small pro- duction numbers, no matter for what medium or external factors, with almost any mechanical or electrical connec- tion - we solve your problem flexibly, quickly and cost-efficiently.