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Catalogue Differential Pressure

21 DPS 300 Differential Pressure Transmitter Technical Data Miscellaneous Current consumption 2-wire: max. 22 mA 3-wire: max. 30 mA (during automatic zero adjustment: +23 mA) Ingress protection Approx. 200 g Weight IP 54 Installation position vertical 1 1 The devices are calibrated in a vertical position with the pressure port down. If this position is changed on installation there can be slight deviations in the zero point. Mechanical connections (dimensions in mm) Standard Ø 6,6 x 11 (for flex. tubes Ø 6) Option Ø 4,4 x 10 (for flex. tubes Ø 4) Pin configuration Standard cable gland M16x1,5 Electrical connections 3-wire 2-wire supply + supply – signal + (only for 3-wire) contact 1 contact 2 VS + VS - Iout / Vout C1 / NO1 / NC1 C2 / NO2 / NC2 VS + VS - - S1 S2 Wiring diagram 3-wire-system (current / voltage) 3-wire-system (current / voltage) with 2 contacts 2-wire-system (current 2-wire-system (current) with 2 contacts Dimension (in mm) standard DPS 300 DPS300_E_120213 cable gland M16x1.5 DPS 300 Technical Data