DMP 321 - New standards in the industrial class

The predecessor, the DMP 331, is good - proven in countless applica-tions - over decades. The DMP 321 is better - a consistent advancement, now settingnew standards in the industrial class.


The DMP 321 is a compact industrial pressure transmitter developed for general plant and machine construction, and features improved signal characteristics for an even better performance. It is capable of measuring pressure ranges up to 600 bar as well as vacuum ranges with a standard accuracy of < 0.25% FSO. Its exceptional thermal behavior and excellent long-term stability also guarantee maximum security and reliability.


For applications in explosive environments, an IS version of the DMP 321 is also available.


The modular design of the instrument allows a variety of combinations in terms of process connections, pressure ranges and electrical connections, to ensure that you can optimally incorporate the DMP 321 into your application.


DMP 321 - Quality made by BD|SENSORS.