BD|SENSORS - pressure devices with IEC EX approval

BD|SENSORS, one of the world's leading companies in the field of electronic pressure measurement technology, now has products which are certified to the IECEx standard.

The approval was granted by the notified body of TÜV NORD CERT GmbH, Hanover, and applies to electronic pressure transmitters, screw-in transmitters and hydrostatic level probes.

The internationally valid IECEx certification supplements the existing ATEX version (EU) and regulates the global use of equipment in explosive areas.

The aim of the IECEx certification is to close the gap in the statutory regulations with regard to explosion protection in many countries and to ensure that the safety of plant and personnel in potentially explosive areas is guaranteed. The IECEx certificate is recognised in many countries, which makes it considerably easier to gain access to international markets and to market the products.

The way you benefit is that by using IECEx-certified BD|SENSORS products you can expand your areas of business and operate globally.


Certificate for Download


Products with IEC EX approval:


DMP 331

DMK 331 P

DMK 457

DMK 331

DMP 331 P 

DMP 333

DMP 335

DMP 339

DMP 343


LMK 307

LMK 331

LMP 307

LMP 308

LMP 308 i

LMP 331

DMP 457

DMP 331 Pi