rapid and competent repair processing

BD|SENSORS strives to offer its distribution partners and customers the best possible service. This is also includes the expedient and customer-oriented processing of repairs.

We need you help to be able to facilitate the error analysis, to shorten the processing time, and to make the process transparent and retraceable for you. 

Therefore, please always complete the accompanying documentation and return it togehter with your devices

Please note:

Before every return of your device, whether for recalibration, decalcification, modifications or repair, it has to be cleaned carefully and packed shatter-proofed. You have to enclose a notice of return with detailed defect description when sending the device. If your device came in contact with harmful substances, a declaration of decontamination is additionally required. 

Should you dispatch a device without a declaration of decontamination and if there are any doubts in our service department regarding the used medium, repair will not be started until an acceptable declaration is sent.

If the device came in contact with hazardous substances, certain precautions have to be complied with for purification!