Just as Rosenthal, Hutschenreuther, Heinrich and Krautheim evoke quality porcelain from Selb, names such as the Adam brothers, Hans Hroch, Hubert Adam, Hans Fritzsch, Günter and Erich Seidel, Ewald Jarmer and Hans-Hermann Sprenger stand for quality boxing in Selb.

From its beginnings in the athletics club (ASV), through the times when the league was a subsection of the TS 1887 Selb gymnastic federation, to the new start in 1951 and today, athletic performance was always a feature of SC Olympia Selb.

Melodious names such as Erwin Vedra, Fritz Bauerschmidt and Max Rausch still resonate, known in boxing circles throughout southern Germany. SC Olympia achieved Olympic heights with Ewald Jarmer, participant in the 1972 Olympic Games, seven-times Bavarian Champion and triple German Champion. He was not alone at the top – his success became a tradition for SC Olympia Selb.
Also deserving of mention is German Junior Champion Erich Seidel, Bavarian and South German Champion, German Vice Champion, national squad member and 1972 alternate for the Olympic team. Yet another name belongs here: Hüseyin Eser, also Bavarian Champion, South German Champion, German Vice Champion.

All this was made possible back then by the Hutschenreuther sports sponsorship under Roland Dorschner, which enabled the renowned club to develop an outstanding reputation reaching well beyond the region and the state. Exceptional and widely respected functionaries also came to maturity in this club. All of this could only be achieved because SC Olympia Selb always had devoted chairmen, functionaries and benefactors available to support athletic prowess.
Two names must absolutely be mentioned in this respect: Georg Peikert, long-time chairman, who shared his time and dedication from the very beginnings of the club, and former president Dr. Heinrich Triebel, whose acceptance of this position largely contributed to SC Olympia Selb's outstanding image.

The club became known well beyond Bavaria thanks to the many wins brought in by its team, and its seniors, juniors, youth and student competitors consistently achieved excellent performances and titles in the individual championships – including at the highest level.This was in no way self-evident, because the situations in which SC Olympia Selb found itself were quite remarkable. Selb was located geographically in northern Bavaria near the borders of the time with the GDR (Freiberg, Weissenfels, Brandenburg, Cottbus) and Czechoslovakia (Usti nad Labem, Most, Dubnica), which made competition significantly more difficult and above all more expensive.

SC Olympia Selb also organised numerous challenges in packed sports arenas and festival tents in the region, including at Jahnturnhalle Selb, the Selb marksmanship festival and the Lorenzreuther Brückenfest. The club achieved great successes in the 1980s and 1990s during its years of successful management by trainer Hubert Adam, with athletes R. Eichner, J. and R. Adam and P. Jahn as the local champions.

At the turn of the century, Jürgen Lautenbacher took over the head trainer position in the club, Erich Seidel was appointed president alongside the new chairman Florian Gossler and long-time director and treasurer Hans-Hermann Sprenger, ushering in a new generation. In 2004, Jürgen Lautenbacher and his team won the Bürgermeister-Mannschaftspokal trophy of the City of Kingenthal away from its home state (to Bavaria) for the first time.
In 2006, the club organized a boxing event in the Grosse Ofenhalle in Factory In Selb with athletes Anastasia Hammerschmidt (Bavarian Junior Champion Women), Victoria Yankevich (Bavarian Junior Champion Women), Kirill Dolmatov (Bavarian Junior Champion Men), Albert Sisinaliev (Bavarian Junior Champion Men) and Alexander Schneider (Frankenmeister Men). The athletes were also able to defend and win these titles in the Bavarian Youth and Junior Championships in Selb.

Women's boxing is also highly valued by the club. The club boasts Ramona Hein as an active boxer and assistant trainer who has already won the Bavarian and South German Women's Championship.