DMC series piezoelectric industrial pressure transmitters: compact, very high resolution and excellent dynamic characteristics

BD|SENSORS is expanding its electronic pressure measurement portfolio by launching the DMC series of compact devices based on piezoelectric sensors, with exceptional features and universal usability.

BD|SENSORS is known for its wide range of pressure and level measurement devices. With the launch of the DMC series of pressure transmitters, they are setting new standards and augmenting their product portfolio with piezoelectric pressure transmitters. The pressure transmitter sensors are made from high-sensitivity, reliable monocrystalline gallium phosphate (GaPO4), which has exceptional signal characteristics, low temperature drift and a wide operating temperature range.

The piezoelectric effect has long been used in various instrumentation areas and is the preferred solution where high dynamic performance and overload tolerance are important, such as test stands and laboratory apparatus for monitoring highly dynamic pressure processes. The pressure sensors and amplifiers have traditionally been separate, with integration usually performed by specialists. With the DMC series, BD|SENSORS is now taking the plunge into industrial applications, which demand compact sensors that are easy to install and use.

The DMC pressure transmitter consists of a piezoelectric sensor and a charge amplifier. It uniquely integrates these two components into a compact industrial device suitable for use not only in mechanical and plant engineering, but also laboratory and test environments. This eliminates complex special cabling and external charge amplifiers. Along with a 0–10 V analogue output signal, the device offers users a variety of mechanical and electrical connection options. It reliably captures extremely fast pressure curves and is outstanding for highly dynamic pressure measurements up to 50 kHz, as well as featuring galvanically isolated reset, supply and output signal lines.

Measurement data acquisition can be registered precisely even in extreme situations, such as capturing pressure spikes and surges or recording pressure curves in explosions or combustion processes. The device’s stable and reliable measurement results make it an attractive alternative to conventional instrumentation.

With the addition of the DMC series of pressure transmitters, BD|SENSORS now offers a product portfolio comprising six different sensor technologies, strengthening their position as a reliable and flexible all-rounder for electronic pressure measurement.