Hot off the press: BD|SENSORS brings high speed to pressure instrumentation

Did we get your attention?

BD|SENSORS is expanding its pressure measurement product line with new devices based on piezoelectric sensors. This gives customers a very broad range of options, now including highly dynamic pressure measurement, all with proven quality and reliability.

BD|SENSORS, known for tailored solutions in electronic pressure and level measurement, is exhibiting numerous innovations at Hannover Messe (Hall 11, Stand C47).

Sensor Technology No. 6 – Devices based on piezoelectric sensors
The new piezoelectric pressure sensors in the expanded product portfolio definitely draw attention. Customers will soon have access to tailored devices able to capture highly dynamic pressure curves up to 50 kHz. These devices are ideal for measurement data acquisition in critical situations, such as capturing pressure spikes, surges, explosion and combustion curves, as well as test stand and laboratory applications.

At Hannover Messe, BD|SENSORS is presenting a piezoelectric pressure transmitter with the pressure sensor and charge amplifier integrated in a compact housing. The sensors are made from reliable, high-sensitivity monocrystalline gallium phosphate (GaPO4), which has exceptional signal characteristics. The new piezoelectric pressure transmitter can be deployed quickly and easily in industrial applications. The pressure transmitter has a 0–10 V analogue signal output and standardised mechanical and electrical connections. The DMC piezoelectric pressure transmitter’s integrated charge amplifier neatly eliminates external charge amplifiers as well as costly and complicated special cabling. Along with precision and reliability, the DMC offers users enormous additional benefits. It provides precise values in the lab and meaningful results during product development.

BD|SENSORS is enlarging its profile as a solution provider and positioning itself as a reliable all-rounder for electronic pressure instrumentation, with many new products and innovations in the existing product line as well.

DPT 100: high-precision differential pressure measurement in a compact package
The DPT 100 differential pressure transmitter is intended for users in mechanical and plant engineering, environmental engineering and power generation. It is specifically designed for fast test processes in leak detection and flow measurement, where a short response time and high sampling rate are needed. Its compact construction makes it ideal for use in constrained spaces and simplifies use in standardised applications, such as installation in 19” racks.
A wide range of process connection options, pressure transducers and membrane materials make it highly versatile and perfectly adaptable to specific applications.

LS 300: an electronic level switch for continuous level measurement
The LS 300 level switch is a new product from BD|SENSORS. It is a natural evolution of proven cable-type level probes in the form of a compact rod probe for reliable level detection in open and closed containers and tanks. A variety of probe versions are available for use with virtually all liquids. The LS 300 is equipped with an IO-Link interface as standard, for exchanging process data, diagnostic messages and status messages with a higher-level control system. The level switch also has a pivotable illuminated display module to ensure legible readout under all conditions. Minimum and maximum fill levels can be configured using the teach function, and switch points can be set in the range of 0 to 100% to control pumps for container and tank systems, or for overflow protection. With a variety of rod lengths and mounting accessories, the device is easily adaptable to diverse installation situations and container sizes.

DS 300: a redesigned pressure switch that does more than just turn blue
What’s that? It’s blue light. What does it do? It turns blue.
(from the film Rambo 3; dialogue between Rambo and Haid)
This is only partially true of the DS 300 pressure switch. It does in fact have a blue LED indicator ring and a new front foil layout. However, its primary focus is pressure measurement and the features of its integrated IO-Link communication interface, including easy installation and simple plug-and-play operation. With this approach the switch points are configured with the IO-Link master. The IO-Link interface is used for fast exchange of process data, diagnostic messages and status messages with the higher-level control system. For manual configuration, the device has a simple and intuitive menu structure conforming to the latest VDMA standard. The DS 300 is mainly aimed at applications in mechanical and plant engineering and automation, where its various output signal options and user configurable switch outputs can be put to good use. Two-axis display rotation and a clear display layout make readout easy even in unusual display positions.

Stand details for visitors
BD|SENSORS is exhibiting at Hannover Messe in Hall 11, Stand C47. For detailed information, visit the website HERE.