LMK 806 - Submersible slimline probe

A submersible probe in a plastic housing with a ceramic sensor is nothing new at BD SENSORS - but there is now a version with a diameter of just 21 mm, namely the LMK 806 submersible probe. It allows filling heights and levels to be determined safely and relia-bly even in confined installation spaces.


With the type LMK 806, BD|SENSORS launches a submersible probe to be be used in heavily contaminated and aggressive media with only a very small amount of space available, for example in ¾" pipes.


Examples of typical applications for the LMK 806 include water recycling and dumpsite, as well as monitoring the levels of many acids and alkaline solutions. Adhesive components and deposits on the submersible probe can be easily removed.


Different cable and seal materials allow to comply optimally with the application conditions and to achieve the highest possible media resistance.The basic element of this plastic probe is a flush-mounted ceramic sensor element and can be used to record water column heights ranging from 6 up to 200 metres with an of accuracy of < 0.5% FSO. The analogue signal in two-wire technology (4...20 mA) guarantees, among other things, easy integration into exist-ing installations or applications.


The LMK 806 - demanded by the customer - implemented by BD|SENSORS.