Leak testing and pipe network monitoring with extremely high precision

The DL01 leak tester from BD|SENSORS features precision, versatility and ease of use.

The DL01 is a battery-powered precision instrument specifically designed for leak testing and pipe network monitoring.

It is based on the proven DM01 and features outstanding measurement characteristics and intuitive operation, as well as an innovative modular sensor concept. This allows pressure transmitters with various pressure ranges or different mechanical connections to be linked to the digital display in just seconds, eliminating the need to have a large number of digital pressure gauges on hand.

With an accuracy of 0.05%, the DL01 is suitable for extremely high-precision measurements. The duration of the measurement or test session and the number of readings or period can be specified individually. At the end of the test session, the results are shown on the graphical LC display. The standard integrated data logger stores pressure and temperature data as well as time data, measurement station numbers and serial numbers, which can be read out with the BD|LOG software for processing and analysis on a PC.

For applications in explosion hazard areas, the digital pressure gauge is also available in an explosion-proof version.For mobile use, the DL01 can be augmented with a calibration and service kit including many accessories, such as various adapters.

DL01 - Test and measurement technology from BD|SENSORS.