IO Link / I²C / Modbus RTU pressure transmitters with digital interface

The new DCT series of pressure transmitters from BD|SENSORS feature various digital interfaces in addition to the familiar quality and modular architecture.

Electronic sensors with digital interfaces are gaining ground. They are already used in many industrial applications, such as machinery for controlling food processing or pharmaceutical processes, and they are bound to find other applications in future. Each type of interface has its own characteristics, for which reason BD Sensor has designed a variety of products.

IO Link is a modern and relatively cost-neutral option. It is not a bus technology, but instead a high-performance point-to-point communication protocol based on the usual three-wire system with standard cabling. The advantages of IO Link 1.1 include internationally standardised I/O technology (IEC 61131-9) for communication with sensors and actuators, a central database for fast commissioning, and automatic parameter configuration to minimise the downtime of machines and systems.I²C is a serial data bus technology developed by Philips, which has become the standard for simple communication inside equipment.

This synchronous master-slave interface enables communication between a master and up to 127 slaves. In addition to typical settings such as slave address and data format, units for pressure and pressure can be set.

DCT 531 with the RS485 interface utilises the Modbus RTU communication protocol, which has become established in the industrial sector as an open protocol. Interference-free communication over long distances is possible thanks to the underlying RS485 technology.


The DCT series with digital interfaces creates major benefits for customers:

  • Sustainable cost reduction
  • Short commissioning time
  • High flexibility in applications
  • Reduced downtime in the event of faults

BD|SENSORS is initially manufacturing three products in this device family:

  • DCT 533 IO-Link
  • DCT 532 i²C and
  • DCT 531 RS485 Modbus RTU.

With pressure measurement technology from BD|SENSORS, you are always at the technology forefront.