Quite versatile – universally suitable pressure transmitter 17.620G

The compact 17.620G pressure transmitter is ideal for plant and machinery design. The compact 17.620G pressure transmitter is ideal for plant and machinery design. It excels in practice especially in heavy duty applications and will resist pressure peaks, temperature shocks and load cycling.

The focus of the 17.620G is on heavy duty applications in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. Confined installation space, high load cycling, temperature shocks and pressure peaks – to name but a few of the challenges confronting products in the heavy duty range. The 17.620G has no problem with these demands, typically found in mobile hydraulics (cranes, excavators, utility vehicles), in cyclically operating production machinery (presses, lathes) or in liquid cooling systems in plants.

The 17.620 G pressure transmitter will measure pressures from 16 to 1,000 bar with accuracies of 0.5% FSO. The sensor of this instrument is made of stainless steel and welded. The welded design obviates all seals, which in turn guarantees high resistance against media such as oils or cooling fluids and ensures high durability. Installed sensors are not sensitive to vibration, shock and temperature fluctuations. Sensors will continue reliable operation in the presence of such disturbances. Since the electrical and mechanical connections of the 17.620 G are compliant with common industrial standards, they are simple to fit and commission.

The 17.620G pressure transmitter is a highly versatile compatriot to mechanical and plant engineers confronted by a multiplicity of different applications, reliably ensuring a long service life and thus process reliability.