DMP 321 pressure transmitter - ideal for industrial deployment

Digital temperature compensation


Versatile configuration options

The DMP 331 (low pressure) and DMP 333 (high pressure) industrial pressure transmitters have been world leaders in their field for more than two decades.

Now a new generation of industrial pressure transmitters – DMP 321 – has been developed in tribute to this successful history and the innovative spirit of BD|SENSORS.

•    Rate pressure ranges from 100 mbar to 600 bar
•    Vacuum, gauge pressure and absolute pressure
•    Accuracy ≤ ±0.25% FSO; optional 0.1%

The DMP 321 is based on new media-isolated stainless steel / silicon sensors. High accuracy is ensured by sophisticated digital temperature compensation algorithms and perfor-mance selection.

A freely configurable range of options, including diverse output signals, electrical and mechanical connections, seal materials and hermetically welded sensors, makes the DMP 321 ideal for virtually all industrial applications in machine and plant engineering, laboratory applications, test stands and calibration equipment.

The range of options also includes intrinsically safe types compliant with ATEX and IEC Ex for applications in explosion hazard areas.

And that's not all – the next top performer in this product line is already in the pipeline: the DMP 321 P with flush-front welded stainless steel diaphragms for hygienic applications.