Differential pressure transmitters with a short rise time and high sampling rate: Quick measured value logging for rapid testing processes

The differential pressure transmitter DPT 100 has been designed by BD|SENSORS specifically for rapid testing processes in which a short rise time and high sampling rate are required. It impresses thanks to its compact design, is easy to install and can also be retrofitted without any problems.

The selection of high-quality differential pressure transmitters is large. Nevertheless, in the past users have been limited if they required rapid response or rise times below the 50 to 500 ms which are otherwise normal. As a specialist in electronic pressure measurement technology, BD|SENSORS has addressed this problem and developed a new solution that is perfectly suited to quick measured value logging: Thanks to its optimised electronics, the differential pressure transmitter DPT 100 operates with a rise time of just about 10 ms; this enables pressure gradients to be recorded with a sampling rate of 250 Hz.

Typical applications that rely on rapid signal processing exist for example in testing technology, in machinery and plant engineering and in environmental technology and energy production. These applications range from monitoring industrial, wet or dust filters, measuring the fill level in pressurised vessels in the food and pharmaceutical industries, monitoring for leaks in pipes or measuring the flow rate of gases or liquids with differential pressure elements.

The differential pressure transmitter is easy to install and can also be retrofitted without any problems as the measuring and connection technology has remained unchanged compared to the devices currently on the market with a flange connection. Its compact design also facilitates integration into standardised applications. This is a crucial advantage in particular in environments where the spatial conditions are cramped anyway, e.g. in 19" racks, small control cabinets or housings. The unit itself can then likewise be designed to be more compact. As well as the classic version with an analogue 4…20 mA signal, the DPT 100 is also available in a digital version with an RS485 interface (Modbus RTU).