DMP 339P pressure transmitter ensures reliable pressure monitoring in dosage and bonding systems

Doing what many others can do is easy, but it’s only promising and beneficial to a limited extent. Doing what only a few others can do, on the other hand, demonstrates competence and solution capability at the highest level. This maxim resulted in the creation of the DMP 339P, a newly developed pressure transmitter which, with its G¼” version of a flush-front welded pressure port, is an ideal candidate for use in dosage and bonding systems.

Interrupted dosing flows, material accumulations and pulled threads – it sounds like a song that operators of dosage plants might sing about process errors. The newly developed pressure transmitter DMP 339P from BD|SENSORS is an improvement on this since it does not have any components that contain silicone. The device is aimed at systems in dosage and bonding technology and ensures reliable measurement of the operating pressure in material dosing and conveyance such as when applying adhesives, solder pastes, paints or encapsulation material.

To make sure that the necessary cleaning cycles can be performed and to prevent material deposits from forming in possible dead spaces, a flush capability of connecting the measurement technology in the system is absolutely essential. If the material used hardens on the pressure port, this results in distorted measurements or, in the worst-case scenario, downtime. This is where the front-flush welded pressure port of the DMP 339P comes into play, which is available in two G ¼” versions. The version with the frontal O-ring provides the highest possible sealing against the material to be processed. With the pressure transmission inside the device, there are no materials containing silicones whatsoever, thereby ensuring unlimited use in painting facilities and lines.

The DMP 339P can measure pressure in the range of 25 to 600 bar and is designed for media temperatures up to 125°C. It is available with different analogue output signals that ensure optimal adaptation to the application conditions. An accuracy of 0.5% FSO together with excellent long term stability ensure reliable pressure measurement.

These characteristics of the DMP 339P result in high levels of operating safety with minimised downtime and low maintenance costs.

Pressure transmitter DMP 339P


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