“Big Small Business Award” (Großer Preis des Mittelstandes): BD|SENSORS GmbH reaches the jury selection stage

BD|SENSORS is once again among the finalists for the prestigious “Big Small Business Award”. The Thierstein-based company has again reached the jury selection phase, and is thus in an excellent position to win this prestigious German business award.

The “Big Award” will be granted for the 21st time this autumn. Companies from Hessen, Baden-Württemberg, Thüringen and Bavaria will be looking to Würzburg on 26 September, where this top prize will be awarded for four German federal states at a festive gala. BD|SENSORS GmbH, specialized in pressure measurement technology, was nominated and has now achieved an important first victory by moving up to the jury selection phase.

This happy news was announced by Robert Knitt of the regional Oskar Patzelt Foundation service branch at the company's 20th anniversary celebration. His assessment of the company: “Meeting the highest market demands for 20 years.” The service branch director presented a certificate to highlight this latest success of the company, to the great pleasure of BD|SENSORS CEO, Rainer Denndörfer.

The Small Business Award is an annual honour sponsored by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation. Recognised establishments such as municipalities, companies and associations submit their nominations, which are then examined by an independent jury. There were 5009 companies nominated for the coveted award in 2015, with a mere 20 percent meeting the criteria to rise to the jury selection phase. BD|SENSORS is one of these exceptional performers.