2014 Annual Report – Looking ahead to anniversary year 2015

The year 2014 seamlessly continues the successful business development of BD|SENSORS GmbH.

“Target achievement as the norm”

Sales in 2014 rose 6.9% compared with the previous year, and cash flow (= earnings before tax and amortisations) by 5.3%. Not only were the planned targets achieved, but the strategic indicators were significantly exceeded.

Still, it would not be BD|SENSORS if the owners, who are also the executive management, settled for what has already been achieved. Their optimism runs high, with the expectation of generating sales and/or revenue increases that are significantly higher than those of the excellent 2014 fiscal year.

The first five months of this year already indicate that 2015 could be such a year. Even if sales in this time period rose by “only” 6.2% over the previous year, cash flow increased by an impressive 35%

“BD|SENSORS could not have scripted things better.”

Because 2015 not only appears to be on its way to becoming the best year in the company's history, but is also its 20th year in business.

 On 3 July, BD|SENSORS GmbH is celebrating its “20th anniversary” and extending an invitation to its “Open House” from 1 PM to 7 PM

Along with the BD|SENSORS premises, including the newly built BD|PRODUCTION CENTRE, BD|FORUM, an exceptional conference centre, and CD|CLASSIC DRESSAGE, a facility for classical riding, are opening their doors to visitors from near and far.